Cell, Muscle, Bone & Joint health matters.

Cell, Muscle, Bone & Joint health matters.

Many health supplement products keep on highlighting protein benefits. These supplements could be detrimental if used in the wrong dosage. One should ideally get personalized dosages according to their diet and other physical activities.

Most of the protein brands uses cheap sources of ingredients which does give you good results initially but could damage your organs in the long run. It also recommends various single ingredients to be taken pre post workout.

JumpStart Revivfye contains the right proportion of Phyto, micro and macro compounds which are made with patented, micro encapsulated and bio optimized technology. These ingredients have the ability to multi target hence helping it to instantly support cells, muscles, bones and joints health.

Did you know?

  • After 25 years your cells start getting damaged faster due to oxidative stress
  • After 30 years you bone starts to lose its density
  • After 35 years your muscles start losing strength
  • After 45 years your joints get damaged faster
Cells - COQ10 & Folic Acid

CoQ10 has been proven in many researches to improve anaerobic and/or aerobic exercise performance by increasing plasma and muscle CoQ10 concentrations within trained and untrained individuals. CoQ10 has also been used as a supplementary treatment for chronic diseases such as Chronic Heart Failure (CHF), muscular dystrophies, Parkinson's disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Folic Acid many researches suggests folic acid ingestion improves skeletal muscle blood flow in aged adults performing graded handgrip and plantar flexion exercise via increased vascular conductance. 

Muscles – Protein Blend & Iron

Protein Blend- Research suggest amino acids like Histidine, Arginine, Methionine etc. are known to protect muscle tissue from damage.

Bones – Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D & K2

We all know Calcium & Phosphorus are the building blocks of bones however most recent research shows calcium & phosphorus cannot be absorbed by the bone without the combination of Vitamin D & K2.

Joints- Boswellic Acid & Curcuminoids

Research suggest that the main reason of joint degeneration is because of inflammation which eventually increases oxidative stress in cartilage. In a recent research carried out in Italy by our company demonstrated Boswellic acid and Curcuminoid are rich sources of antioxidant and has the capability to inhibit NFkappaB which intern helps to reduce inflammation or stiffness in Joints**.


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Cell, Muscle, Bone & Joint health matters.