Problem : Professionals, no doubt exhibit professionalism at every moment of their work life but fail to do so when it comes to their health and lifestyle. For them, health takes a back seat, which means skipping breakfast or delaying lunchtime. They lack sustainable, healthy lifestyle habits and repeatedly experience stress. While work is worship, health is wealth, too! But professionals are too busy to make their health a top priority.

Solution : With the diligence of our team of experts, we provide the best Phyto nutraceutical formula and personalized health coach for busy professionals to help them take control of their health so that they can focus on and enjoy what matters most to them at work and home with energy and confidence.

Busy Professionals


You now have a digital lifestyle bio-marker for cell, muscle, bone and joint in your pocket! Jump Start Revivifye is more than just a calorie burn counter app or any health device available in the market. It understands your daily activity and lifestyle through various bio-markers and concludes on a final result through deep machine learning and algorithm developed by internationally qualified scientists. The AI generated result helps you to make informed lifestyle decisions and dosage of our hi science formula.


JumpStart Revivfye and its AI generated report is the perfect way to keep your staff motivated. It helps them keep their cell, muscle, bone and joint at constant check with the help of personalized AI report and E- consult. The E-Consult facility not only helps them to understand their prevailing problem but also helps them enhance their performance by improving office ergonomics and attain long term health with proper dosage of our hi science formula.

What is your height and weight?

Do you drink alcohal?

Do you Smoke?

What is your typical normal lunch?

Do you consume any supplements for the following?
(Antioxidants, Food Replacement, Whey Protein, Calcium or any Joint Pain Supplements)

How often do you Skip your lunch?

How many times do you work out in a week?

Do you play any sport?

Do you have to perform field or desk work?

Do you feel fatigued by evening?

Do you feel pain in your knees while walking?

Any of the following problem you have?

How Many Hours do you sleep?