Problem : Engaging in physical activities for longer durations of time leads to a muscle tear among athletes. It also affects the stability of their joints besides causing fatigue in them. This, as a result, takes a toll on their ability to move and perform.

Solution : Our Phyto nutraceutical formula and personalized health coach does wonders for athletes by helping them maintain their muscle recovery support. This superb formulation of our team of experts also aids in mobility, and stability of their joints.


Get your extensive, customized AI generated report
Based on your daily lifestyle

You now have a digital lifestyle bio-marker for cell, muscle, bone and joint in your pocket! Jump Start Revivifye is more than just a calorie burn counter app or any health device available in the market. It understands your daily activity and lifestyle through various bio-markers and concludes on a final result through deep machine learning and algorithm developed by internationally qualified scientists. The AI generated result helps you to make informed lifestyle decisions and dosage of our hi science formula.

What is your height and weight?

Do you drink alcohal?

Do you Smoke?

What is your typical normal lunch?

Do you consume any supplements for the following?
(Antioxidants, Food Replacement, Whey Protein, Calcium or any Joint Pain Supplements)

How many times do you work out in a week?

Do you feel fatigued by evening?

Previous Medical History
(major Operation, major injury,Allergy, Meniscus or Any Muscle tear)

Do you feel pain in your knees while walking?

Any of the following problem you have?

How Many Hours do you sleep?